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Antifreeze Misunderstanding Of PAPU HDPE Water Supply Pipe

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Many customers and merchants now blindly purchase antifreeze and antifreeze HDPE Water Supply Pipe in winter, and some people say that the HDPE steady-state tube is the best, there is a metal layer on the outside, the outer layer has the rigidity of the steel pipe, and the inner layer has The hygienic nature of plastics is better. As an HDPE Corrugated Pipe Factory, PAPU will explain this misunderstanding:
HDPE Water Supply Pipe does not need to resist freezing, because the water will freeze when it reaches zero, the volume of ice will increase, even the steel pipe will be cracked, so it is meaningless to say that HDPE Water Supply Pipe is not resistant to freezing! The key is that the water pipes must be protected against freezing! Outdoor water pipes should be kept warm while keeping the water circulation in the pipes unfrozen! As long as it is a true HDPE Water Supply Pipe, it is definitely not resistant to freezing, because the characteristics of PPR raw materials are low-temperature brittleness - it will become brittle when it is below 4 degrees Celsius, and its resistance to external forcesbegins to decline.
If other materials are added to change this property, it will seriously affect the temperature resistance, pressure resistance and aging resistance of the pipeline.
Therefore, the so-called anti-freezing tube is only defined. If you really want to prevent freezing and freezing, it is tokeep warm the outdoor water pipes.

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