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Pressure testing of HDPE pipe

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Pressure testing of HDPE pipe

1. The pressure test of PE pipe is regulated:
The length of the pipeline segmented pressure test is generally not more than 1000m, and the test pressure is 1.1Mpa according to the design requirements.
2. How to test pressure:
The backs and pipe plugs at both ends of the pressure test section should be especially cautious when the interface is stressed for the first time. Full-time personnel should monitor the working conditions of the pipe plugs at both ends and the back. In addition, one person should contact back and forth in order to find the problem. Stop pressurization and treatment in time to ensure the safety of pressure test. The pressure should be gradually increased during the pressure test, and the pressure should not be too high at one time to avoid accidents. After each pressure increase, observe and check immediately. After no problem is found, continue to increase the pressure and gradually increase to the specified test pressure. If the interface leaks during the pressurization process, immediately reduce the pressure and repair it and ensure safety.

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