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Requirements for HDPE pipe transportation

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Requirements for HDPE pipe transportation

Do not throw, roll or drag the polyethylene pipe during the transportation, especially in the winter. When using mechanical equipment for hoisting and handling, use non-metallic ropes for hoisting. When the PE pipe is transported, it should be placed on a flat-bottomed vehicle with baffles or in a flat cabin, and no sharp objects that may be damaged should be stacked. Use non-metal ropes to bind and fix, and take sun and rain measures. Pipes should be stored in well-ventilated warehouses or sheds, and should be kept away from heat sources when stacked.
PE pipes should be stacked horizontally on flat supports or on the ground. When straight pipes are stacked with triangular or rectangular piles, they should be supported and protected on both sides, and the stacking height should not exceed 1.5m; when using layered shelves, the height of each shelf should not exceed 1 Meters, the total stacking height shall not exceed 3 meters.
Through the above introduction, everyone has an understanding of the specific requirements of PE pipes in transportation. If there are any problems in the later stage, they must be solved in time, which is also to avoid affecting the normal use of the pipe later.

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