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Steel wire net skeleton HDPE composite pipe

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Steel wire net skeleton HDPE composite pipe

It uses high-strength steel wire and polyethylene plastic as raw materials, wound-shaped high-strength steel wire as the core layer, and high-density polyethylene plastic as the inner and outer layers to form a new type of composite structure wall pipe. The composite pipe is added with steel wire reinforcement mesh, which not only greatly improves the pressure resistance of the pipe than the HDPE solid-wall pipe, but also retains the excellent corrosion resistance and non-scale characteristics of the HDPE solid-wall pipe. The reinforcement is wrapped in continuous thermoplastic to ensure the isolation of the steel wire from the outside world, which makes the service life of the steel wire longer and guarantees the long-term pressure resistance of the pipe. The steel wire mesh is wound to make the composite pipe have a certain degree of flexibility in the axial direction while ensuring a low linear expansion coefficient and strong environmental adaptability. Pipes are widely used in the fields of water and gas supply and are new and practical pipes.

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