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Testing standard for HDPE water supply pipe

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Testing standard for HDPE water supply pipe

Whether the PE water supply pipe meets the use requirements, as a manufacturer, there will be a set of testing standards. Only when the testing is qualified can it be sold on the market. This is not only a respect for customers, but an improvement to our company.
There are generally several aspects of testing. The first is random inspection. The quality inspector must record the data of the random inspection product, including the long-distance drip test of the PE water supply pipe. The recorded data must be true and must not be altered. In addition, the inspector must carry out rewinding inspection on the PE water supply pipe delivered by the operator. The inspection items include appearance, irregular molding, fullness of the labyrinth, number of joints, joint bundling conditions, number of meters, etc.
There is also the inspection of quality and intensity. The inspection items include dripping conditions, blasting pressure, wall thickness, unit weight, width and narrowness. The length of the test shall not be less than 5 meters, and the number of random inspections per roll shall not be less than once.

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