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The testing process of HDPE pipe fittings and pipes

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The testing process of HDPE pipe fittings and pipes

1. Color inspection. The gas pipe should be yellow or black. When it is black, the pipe must have eye-catching yellow stripes. At the same time, there should be continuous marks with a spacing of no more than 2m on the pipe, indicating the purpose (gas or water), raw material brand, standard size, standard code and serial number, manufacturer name or trademark, and production date.
2. Length check. The length of the fixed-length tube should be uniform and the error should not exceed 20mm. Pay attention to check whether the end surface of the pipe is perpendicular to the axis of the pipe and whether there are pores. If there are pores, the pipe is unqualified. Most of the pipes with different lengths are found to be shortened due to pores, obvious defects on the end face or other reasons during the self-inspection of the manufacturer. This kind of pipe should not be used until the reason is found.
3. Visual inspection. Carry out appearance and geometry inspection. Check whether the inner and outer surfaces of the pipe are clean and smooth, whether there are grooves, scratches, dents, impurities, and uneven colors.
4. Certificate of conformity and inspection report. It is necessary to check whether the product has a factory certificate and ask for a factory inspection report.

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